Síndrome de Rapunzel en una adolescente colombiana: estudio de caso y revisión de tema

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Gustavo Adolfo Carvajal-Barrios
Sergio Del Río
Yira Torres


This article presents a case of Rapunzel syndrome (gastric trichobezoar with extension into the small intestine) in a female adolescent patient with mixed anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She suffered from trichotillomania secondary to family dysfunction and school bullying. At her arrival to the emergency department, she was experiencing abdominal pain, though no abdominal mass was palpated or seen on ultrasound, and her amylase and lipase levels were elevated. She developed an acute pancreatitis which required laparotomy. In addition to the case report, a review of the available literature on the subject is presented.


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Carvajal-Barrios, G. A., Del Río, S., & Torres, Y. (2017). Síndrome de Rapunzel en una adolescente colombiana: estudio de caso y revisión de tema. Pediatría, 50(4). https://doi.org/10.14295/pediatr.v50i4.94
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